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Six cheetahs born at Dubbo’s Taronga zoo

An astounding six healthy cheetah cubs have been born at Dubbo’s Taronga zoo.

The fresh Great Western Plains air seems to be working a treat for mother Kyan who is being celebrated for producing her fourth and unusually large litter.

Zookeepers have been watching Kyan nurture her cubs via CCTV footage since their birth at the zoo earlier this month.

“She’s regularly repositioning herself so that all six can fit, it’s a pretty tight squeeze to get them all in there so she’s really making sure that all of them are getting a go,” Cheetah supervisor Jennifer Conaghan said on Friday.

With cheetahs being notoriously difficult animals to breed – largely because the females are particularly picky when it comes to choosing their mate – zookeepers are pleased with Kyan’s maternal behaviour.

“They have to like who they get put with you can’t just put any male in with any female you sort of need to offer her a lot of choices,” Ms Conaghan said.

Jana is the cubs’ father, one-of-four breeding aged males in Dubbo.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen six cubs born, we’ve had keepers that have worked here for over 20 years and they’ve never seen six cubs born so it’s very special.”

“The average is usually two-to-four cubs so she’s definitely got a full-time job ahead of her,” Ms Conaghan said.

The cheetah cubs will make their first public outing in a few months and will rely on mum for the first 18 months for food, behavioural and hunting skills.

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